Solar hybrid power solutions for off-grid applications – sustainable power where and when you need it.

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Lower Site Operation Costs

SolGen offers a massive reduction in fuel costs, saving over £700 per week on some typical sites, plus lower generator servicing costs.

Free Renewable Energy

SolGen’s powerful solar array harvests maximum energy, cutting generator use drastically – up to 100% during summer months.

Reduced CO₂ Emissions

Slash CO₂ and other harmful emissions on site. Record all savings via a remote monitoring and customisable reporting system.

Quiet Running – Minimal Noise

Using energy from solar and battery means less generator noise on site and a more peaceful environment. Set silent hours at night or as needed.

Static off grid power solution fully open on site at Boss Cabins

Still running dirty expensive diesel generators to power your worksite?

Why not harvest the clean free power of the sun instead? With SolGen Solar hybrid power solutions for off-grid applications you can start to enjoy the benefits of sustainable renewable energy while still providing all the energy needed to power your site.

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Our in-house design and manufacturing team has years of experience designing products using the same technology employed in our SolGen power source units. With this wealth of knowledge, we have set out to create a truly market-leading ‘best in class’ solar hybrid power generation system.

Maximum noise-free and emission-free running time in its class

Lower fuel consumption compared to units of same type

Largest solar array available on a self-contained hybrid unit

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Sophisticated Telemetry Software that continually optimises usage

Downward arrows icon yellow

Only mobile unit that lowers to ground minimising theft risk

Adjustable panel angles for best efficiency winter and summer

Greatest available battery storage capacity on the market

Largest most efficiently utilised Stage V generator in a hybrid unit

Largest fuel tank in a solar hybrid unit – reduce site visits

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Report easily on power use, fuel/CO₂ savings, solar gain etc.

How does it work?

Combining solar, battery storage and a Stage V HVO generator in one self-contained easily transportable unit. SolGen offers the most efficient, sustainable and reliable means of providing power for off-grid applications in the construction, rail, highways, events, and infrastructure sectors.
Traditional diesel generators typically run 24/7 consuming fuel and spewing emissions even when very little power is required. In contrast, SolGen provides power only as the site demands. Energy comes primarily from solar either directly or stored in lithium-ion batteries. The generator will only auto-start either if the battery level drops or if power demand exceeds inverter capacity, resulting in a vastly reduced generator run time and massive fuel cost savings.
The intelligent automated system shifts power supply seamlessly between solar, battery and generator so all the user has to do is plug in and go. Now available as either a mobile or static solar hybrid power solutions for off-grid applications unit.



“It depends” This question needs discussion between yourselves and the Technical Sales team at Solgen, you will need to know what you are powering, what location it is being used in and whether you have any restrictions on running the generator at night.

On the static unit they are all raised and lowered with electro hydraulics via a pendant.
On the mobile unit you manually slide out the extensions and then raise them with the hydraulic power pack.

All the units use LIFEPO4 lithium batteries.

During normal operation the unit is silent. When the generator is recharging the batteries there will be a maximum level of 82dB 1m from the unit.

Yes, any dirt left on the panels will affect their ability to absorb power from the sun, they can easily be hosed down which should remove most dirt, if not use a soft brush.

This is lowered to the ground with hydraulics and the wheels are then inside the unit and not visible. There is also a lockable flap over the front bulkhead preventing anyone from connecting to the lights.

Yes, if you want to gain the maximum solar you must always face the solar panels South. Facing any other direction will not gain as much solar power.

Yes, as long as you have fuel or enough solar power for what you consume then it will continue to run. You can also set quiet hours so the generator will not start at night if you have the unit deployed in a residential area.

You can set timers and current limits on all of the output sockets, these are easily set either from the display screen or the online portal.

The user can be informed via alarms on the screen on the unit and also email alerts for a variety of scenarios, the main ones will be low fuel, overloading the unit and fuel theft.

Yes, this is shown very accurately on a Google map. This is visible all the time, even when it is being transported.

Solgen can provide you with reports to show how much you have saved within any given time frame, this will generally be compared to running a standard diesel generator.

The mobile unit running gear will need to be serviced every 6/12 months as this is road going. The only other maintenance is the generator servicing, but as this is running a lot less than your normal generator would then the time between services will be considerably longer.

Yes, this can be fitted but it would not have the same functionality as the timers in the single phase systems.

Yes we sell and hire these units and can also arrange delivery to sit and the initial setup/

Yes they do, this is all carried out as part of the site set up by Solgen engineers.

Solgen are totally designed and manufactured in the UK.

Yes we can paint them in any colours you like and provide them fully decalled with your logos.

Yes, they can at a maximum rate of 32A. So it would take around 8 hours to fully charge most cars.

Smart Controls

Sophisticated telemetry and smart controls allow users to track and interpret site power usage data, then set site-specific parameters automatically and remotely to eliminate excessive consumption and optimize renewable energy use. Our dedicated team of engineers are there to assist at every step.

Fully Accountable

Reporting on carbon, fuel and cost savings is easy with access to real-time and historical data on power consumption, generator and solar power, fuel levels, GPS location, and battery status. Bespoke software allows you to create customisable accurate transparent reports showing whatever data you require for customers, ESG or other sustainability reports.

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“Our collaboration with Solgen on a highways project near Gloucester was a game-changer. We tested their original prototype solar hybrid generator to power a suite of four cabins, including welfare, toilet, drying room, and office cabins. Despite limited space and the less-than-ideal orientation of the solar array, facing north and under the shadow of trees, SolGen’s innovation resulted in significant fuel and cost savings.Despite the limited space and the less-than-ideal orientation of the SolGen’s solar array (pointing east and under the shadow of trees), the site team observed significant fuel and cost savings.The integration of SolGen’s telemetry and portal system, coupled with expert advice from the SolGen engineering team, enabled us to program the system’s smart controls effectively. This optimization not only minimized on-site power consumption but also ensured that all the site’s power needs were fully met.What stood out most was the impressive performance of the SolGen units. SmartWatch is thoroughly impressed with both the product’s capabilities and the commitment of the SolGen team. This experience has solidified our confidence in SolGen’s innovative solutions and commitment to excellence.”

Neil Jones

Maximum Solar

An extensive array of high-performance solar panels can be easily angled and adjusted
hydraulically for optimum efficiency all year round, giving the largest solar harvesting
capacity currently available on any standalone unit on the market.

Optimum Power Storage

The solar energy harvested is fed into lithium ion battery storage banks to be used when
required. SolGen solar hybrid generators offer the largest battery capacity on the market
meaning our units can run for longer periods with zero emissions and zero generator noise.

Reliability Assured

If solar or battery power is not available, the generator will automatically start providing
seamless power at all times to your site. Any excess power tops up the batteries, ensuring
the generator always operates at its optimum most efficient level, without wasting energy.

Net Zero Operation

Our generators can seamlessly operate on either diesel or HVO biofuel according to your preference, without compromising performance or warranty. Opting for HVO biofuel provides the added benefit of achieving Net Zero operation, resulting in reduction in CO₂ emissions of up to 90%. Furthermore, it significantly decreases other harmful emissions, including particulate matter, Nox, Sox, and more, when compared to conventional diesel.



Compact yet powerful solar hybrid solutions for off grid site set ups.

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A powerful solar hybrid solution for longer term off grid site set ups.

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Find out more about why Solgen is the right choice for your next project.

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