About Us

Maximise generation.
Minimise consumption.

At SolGen, we are on a mission to disrupt the off-grid market, driving change in how businesses operate and utilise energy.

Our best in class solar hybrid technology generation solution can not only save money, but also decrease fuel use and harmful emissions too.

Both our static and mobile power solutions are available to buy and rent for off-grid projects across the UK. Tried, tested and proven to ensure you have the right resources for your specific project needs without any compromise on performance or sustainability.


Who We Are

We are SolGen, the team behind manufacturer Boss Cabins, the people who changed the way welfare cabins operated. We are inventors and entrepreneurs. Drivers of change.

Together, we bring a wealth of experience to this evolving marketplace, and we knew exactly what was needed to bring truly sustainable change.

Our mission is to become market leaders in the world of sustainable energy, providing a solution that simply can’t be bettered by anyone else in the marketplace.

Where it All Began

Having perfected our eco-offering with the revolutionary and hugely successful generator free solar-powered welfare cabin range, GenFree, we set our sights on creating an energy generation solution for the construction, rail, highways, infrastructure and events industries, that would be superior to anything else that was on the market.

After seeing first hand how off-grid sites were powering welfare set-ups with generators that are burning fuel 24/7 (and burning through the bank balance), we knew that there must be something more advanced that could change this for the better. Something that could ease the pressures of emissions and inefficiencies, with more cost-effective and sustainable power.

So, SolGen was born. Using our years of experience in solar technology and energy management systems, we developed the most advanced solar hybrid technology solution on the market.

Designed and manufactured in the UK in our own premises in Bourne, Lincolnshire, all our SolGen products are available to buy or rent, suitable for a range of off-grid sites.

What Drives Us

We want to accelerate the change for a more sustainable future. This is at the heart of everything that we do.

Our values are simple:

Be environmentally beneficial

Be economically strategic

The push towards a more sustainable construction sector is becoming increasingly vital, and the industry is progressively adopting renewable energy solutions to save costs, lower emissions and boost efficiency.

At SolGen, our goal is to be at the forefront of this revolution, leading the way in our approach to energy use and utilising sustainability for increased cost efficiency.

We want to maximise what you generate while minimising what you consume. A win for you and a win for the planet.

Why Choose Us

Lower Site Operation Costs

Choosing our units means you could save up to £700 per week in fuel costs, plus lower generator costs too. This could mean a saving of up to £36,000 a year. That’s huge!

Renewable and Sustainable

The energy provided by the units predominantly comes from the solar panels, or the stored energy in the batteries, dramatically cutting generator use.

Intelligent Automation

Once up and running, the automation system will instinctively work its magic, switching the power between solar, battery and generator. This means less user intervention.


Our mobile generator units lower right to the ground so the wheels are not visible and the towing connections are covered by a lockable flap. Each unit is equipped with high security access doors to minimise theft risk.

Smart System

Track and report easily on power use, fuel/CO₂ savings, solar gains etc with our smart pioneering system. This allows for full accountability and transparency.

Lower Site Operation Costs

Solar hybrid technology is a cost-effective solution with lower fuel consumption and less generator servicing helping to reduce operational expenses. 

Free Renewable Energy

Even in the UK’s unpredictable weather, the solar energy harvested by SolGen’s large powerful array will cut generator use average 50 to100%.

Reduced CO₂Emissions

Replace a diesel generator on site with SolGen’s powerful Solar Hybrid Technology and slash your CO₂and other harmful emissions. 

Quiet Running – Minimal Noise

Using energy from solar and battery means less generator noise on site and a more peaceful environment. Set silent hours at night or as needed.


Smart watch Logo in green black and white

“Our collaboration with Solgen on a highways project near Gloucester was a game-changer. We tested their original prototype solar hybrid generator to power a suite of four cabins, including welfare, toilet, drying room, and office cabins. Despite limited space and the less-than-ideal orientation of the solar array, facing north and under the shadow of trees, SolGen’s innovation resulted in significant fuel and cost savings.Despite the limited space and the less-than-ideal orientation of the SolGen’s solar array (pointing east and under the shadow of trees), the site team observed significant fuel and cost savings.The integration of SolGen’s telemetry and portal system, coupled with expert advice from the SolGen engineering team, enabled us to program the system’s smart controls effectively. This optimization not only minimized on-site power consumption but also ensured that all the site’s power needs were fully met.What stood out most was the impressive performance of the SolGen units. SmartWatch is thoroughly impressed with both the product’s capabilities and the commitment of the SolGen team. This experience has solidified our confidence in SolGen’s innovative solutions and commitment to excellence.”

Neil Jones


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We’d love to talk to you about how our Solar Hybrid Technology can help lower your site’s emissions and operational costs. Tell us exactly what you need and we’ll talk you through the best options and can even create a bespoke solution to suit your site perfectly.

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