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Meet the dedicated team that propels our vision forward. Discover the innovative minds and skilled professionals who make our success possible, each bringing their unique expertise and passion to the table.


Edward Lindley
Managing Director

Duncan Wordsworth

Ian Wild
Chief Engineer

James Kearsey
Operations Director

Nicki Wordsworth
Head of Customer Experience

Jason Wells
Head Services Engineer

Lower Site Operation Costs

Solar hybrid technology is a cost-effective solution with lower fuel consumption and less generator servicing helping to reduce operational expenses. 

Free Renewable Energy

Even in the UK’s unpredictable weather, the solar energy harvested by SolGen’s large powerful array will cut generator use average 50 to100%.

Reduced CO₂Emissions

Replace a diesel generator on site with SolGen’s powerful Solar Hybrid Technology and slash your CO₂and other harmful emissions. 

Quiet Running – Minimal Noise

Using energy from solar and battery means less generator noise on site and a more peaceful environment. Set silent hours at night or as needed.


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“Our collaboration with Solgen on a highways project near Gloucester was a game-changer. We tested their original prototype solar hybrid generator to power a suite of four cabins, including welfare, toilet, drying room, and office cabins. Despite limited space and the less-than-ideal orientation of the solar array, facing north and under the shadow of trees, SolGen’s innovation resulted in significant fuel and cost savings.Despite the limited space and the less-than-ideal orientation of the SolGen’s solar array (pointing east and under the shadow of trees), the site team observed significant fuel and cost savings.The integration of SolGen’s telemetry and portal system, coupled with expert advice from the SolGen engineering team, enabled us to program the system’s smart controls effectively. This optimization not only minimized on-site power consumption but also ensured that all the site’s power needs were fully met.What stood out most was the impressive performance of the SolGen units. SmartWatch is thoroughly impressed with both the product’s capabilities and the commitment of the SolGen team. This experience has solidified our confidence in SolGen’s innovative solutions and commitment to excellence.”

Neil Jones


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