Hybrid Energy Solutions for Transport & Highways

SolGen is revolutionising the highways sector with our innovative off-grid power solutions, designed for a diverse range of highway and road construction or maintenance projects.

We deliver cost-effective and sustainable power, providing highway maintenance and temporary setups with access to clean, renewable energy for a fraction of the typical cost. Some of our clients have even reported average savings of up to £700 per week on their project’s energy costs.

At the core of our approach lies innovation. We’ve developed the most advanced solar hybrid technology available, offering both static and mobile solutions for purchase or rental. This ensures high performance and maximum efficiency for any highways project.


Why Choose Our Power Units?

Slash Emissions by 90%

Our generators seamlessly switch between diesel and hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) biofuel. This considerably reduces CO2 emissions, limiting other pollutants, such as nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulphur oxide (SOx), and other harmful pollutants commonly produced by highway maintenance operations.

Self-Contained Convenience

Our fully self-contained units integrate solar, battery storage, and a Stage V HVO generator, ensuring easy transportation between locations.

Reduced Reliance on Fossil Fuels

Traditional diesel generators are fuel-guzzlers and emit harmful pollutants. By adopting SolGen’s solutions, highway sites can optimise energy usage as needed, minimising environmental impact and operational costs simultaneously.

Renewable Power for Highways Projects

Almost every business within the transport sector is increasingly moving towards renewable energy solutions to drive down costs and emissions, to improve production and boost efficiency.

SolGen is at the forefront of this movement, and our pioneering systems seamlessly integrate solar power with efficient generators and batteries, to provide a reliable, cost-effective, and consistent energy source for off-grid roads and highway projects.


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“Our collaboration with Solgen on a highways project near Gloucester was a game-changer. We tested their original prototype solar hybrid generator to power a suite of four cabins, including welfare, toilet, drying room, and office cabins. Despite limited space and the less-than-ideal orientation of the solar array, facing north and under the shadow of trees, SolGen’s innovation resulted in significant fuel and cost savings.Despite the limited space and the less-than-ideal orientation of the SolGen’s solar array (pointing east and under the shadow of trees), the site team observed significant fuel and cost savings.The integration of SolGen’s telemetry and portal system, coupled with expert advice from the SolGen engineering team, enabled us to program the system’s smart controls effectively. This optimization not only minimized on-site power consumption but also ensured that all the site’s power needs were fully met.What stood out most was the impressive performance of the SolGen units. SmartWatch is thoroughly impressed with both the product’s capabilities and the commitment of the SolGen team. This experience has solidified our confidence in SolGen’s innovative solutions and commitment to excellence.”

Neil Jones

Effortless Installation

The vast highway network stretches across the UK, with many roads leading to remote locations without mains power. Our systems are designed for easy transport and installation, no matter how remote the location.

Sustainable Power Source

Our units primarily harness energy from solar panels or lithium-ion batteries, contributing to a complete, sustainable energy ecosystem.

Auto-Start Technology

The integrated generator automatically starts when battery levels drop or power demand exceeds the inverters capacity, minimising generator usage and the associated costs.

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In-Depth Telemetry

Our advanced telemetry and smart controls enable remote monitoring of power usage, facilitating optimal energy consumption and renewable energy production. The bespoke reporting software aids cost savings by providing comprehensive insights into carbon production, power consumption, and generator usage.

Who Are We?

SolGen has been founded by the creators of the revolutionary GenFree solar welfare range, Boss Cabins.

This means we possess all the expertise to meet the energy needs of highway projects of all sizes. From our best-in-class engineers to our highly knowledgeable technical sales team, we can help you with all facets of your energy requirements.

All of our solar hybrid technology is designed and manufactured in the UK and all of our units are available for purchase or hire.

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Our in-house design and manufacturing team has years of experience designing products using the same technology employed in our SolGen power source units. With this wealth of knowledge, we have set out to create a truly market-leading ‘best in class’ solar hybrid power generation system.

Maximum noise-free and emission-free running time in its class

Lower fuel consumption compared to units of same type

Largest solar array available on a self-contained hybrid unit

Adjustable panel angles for best efficiency winter and summer

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Only mobile unit that lowers to ground minimising theft risk

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Large inverter arrays increase peak power available

Adjustable panel angles for best efficiency winter and summer

Greatest available battery storage capacity on the market

Largest most efficiently utilised Stage V generator in a hybrid unit

Largest fuel tank in a solar hybrid unit – reduce site visits

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Report easily on power use, fuel/CO₂ savings, solar gain etc.

See our Mobile Off-grid Power Solution here

Net Zero Operation

Our generators can run on diesel or HVO biofuel interchangeably as preferred but choosing HVO
biofuel gives net zero operation and reduces significantly CO₂ by 90%, plus reducing particulate,
Nox, Sox and and other emissions when compared to conventional diesel.


If you’re unsure what size unit is ideal for your site, then our technical sales team is here to help.

They’ll be able to assess your specific requirements and highlight any potential limitations to recommend the perfect fit.

Yes, our self-contained units are designed for easy transport and installation, even in remote locations.

Clients have reported average savings of up to £700 per week on their project’s energy costs.

Our systems combine solar panels, battery storage, and a Stage V HVO generator. They prioritise solar and battery power, with the generator kicking in only when needed.

Smart automation manages the power load for optimal efficiency.

Absolutely, all our units are designed and manufactured with pride right here in Bourne, Lincolnshire.

If you want your unit to reflect your company branding, we can offer customisation options for colours and decals.


Any questions? Get in touch

We’d love to talk to you about how our solar hybrid generators can help lower your site’s emissions and operational costs. Tell us exactly what you need and we’ll talk you through the best options and can even create a bespoke solution to suit your site perfectly.

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