SolGen Static off-grid Power Solutions

Redefining energy independence, SolGen delivers maximum performance with minimum generator runtime. With four models available, our static SolGen provides a powerful solar static off-grid power solution for longer term off grid site set ups.



Solar Power Generation

5970W of power from 12 x roof and side panels.
Maximum daily solar gain of 36kWh.
Hydraulically adjust panel angles for optimal solar harvesting.
Option to plug in additional solar arrays.

Generator and peak power

33kVA generator
Peak power available – from 50-98kW.
1000 litre fuel tank

Batteries and invertors

Inverter capacity from 30kVa up to 90kVA
From 8 up to 20 x 5kWh lithium-ion batteries with usable power 41-102kWh.
Suitable for use in sub-zero temperatures.

Power input/output options

6 x 32A single phase outlets (or as per customer request)
Optional EV charging and/or tool charging lockers.
Plug into main grid to charge batteries or bypass generator.

Build and Security

Four models available.
Robust long-lasting stainless steel anti-vandal build.
ISO corner mounts, forklift pockets and low lifting points.
High security access doors.
Fuel theft alarm.

Solar Power Unleashed

Equipped with 12 x adjustable high-performance solar panels, SOLGEN
harnesses the sun’s energy to deliver a total of nearly 5kW, ensuring a
sustainable and eco-friendly static off-grid power solution.

Robust Output

Permanent power available from the battery pack. Backup generator recharges batteries when low solar power available. Generator also provides boost power for high peak demand that exceed inverter capability.

Fuel Freedom

SolGen offers the largest fuel tank on the market and lowest consumption meaning more time between refuelling. You can also change between HVO biofuel or diesel seamlessly without interruption.

User friendly

Stay informed at a glance with a user-friendly display providing notifications
for low fuel, system errors, and more. Easily interpret generator status with
warning lights. All information accessible remotely also.

Smart Controls

Sophisticated telemetry and smart controls allow users to track and interpret site power usage data, then set site-specific parameters automatically and remotely to eliminate excessive consumption and optimize renewable energy use. Our dedicated team of engineers are there to assist at every step.

Fully Accountable

Reporting on carbon, fuel and cost savings is easy with access to real-time and historical data on power consumption, generator and solar power, fuel levels, GPS location, and battery status. Bespoke software allows you to create customisable accurate transparent reports showing whatever data you require for customers, ESG or other sustainability reports.



Our in-house design and manufacturing team has years of experience designing products using the same technology employed in our SolGen power source units. With this wealth of knowledge, we have set out to create a truly market-leading ‘best in class’ solar hybrid power generation system.

Maximum noise-free and emission-free running time in its class

Lower fuel consumption compared to units of same type

Largest solar array available on a self-contained hybrid unit

Adjustable panel angles for best efficiency winter and summer

Downward arrows icon yellow

Only mobile unit that lowers to ground minimising theft risk

Invertor icon in Yellow

Large inverter arrays increase peak power available

Adjustable panel angles for best efficiency winter and summer

Greatest available battery storage capacity on the market

Largest most efficiently utilised Stage V generator in a hybrid unit

Largest fuel tank in a solar hybrid unit – reduce site visits

reporting icon in yellow

Report easily on power use, fuel/CO₂ savings, solar gain etc.

See our Mobile Off-grid Power Solution here

Net Zero Operation

Our generators can run on diesel or HVO biofuel interchangeably as preferred but choosing HVO
biofuel gives net zero operation and reduces significantly CO₂ by 90%, plus reducing particulate,
Nox, Sox and and other emissions when compared to conventional diesel.


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